Dr. William Goolsby

Doctor of Chiropractic
Dr. Goolsby has lived his entire life in the Denton/Dallas area, and he has been practicing Chiropractic and changing lives for the past 23 years. Interestingly, he began his education as an Accounting major at UNT, and although he was doing well in this endeavor, his true passion was in helping people in a very direct and physical way. He remembered as he was growing up there was a good family friend who was a Chiropractor, so he decided to research more about this fascinating profession. The more he learned about the incredible things Chiropractors do to help people, the more he was convinced that he wanted to do the very same thing.

Dr. Goolsby is caring and compassionate and sincerely loves helping people reach their full potential and live active and healthy lifestyles. He has extensive experience in therapeutic physical rehabilitation, functional nutrition, treatment of disc-related disorders and injuries, helping pregnant women, and he is certified in Dry Needling for more complicated muscular problems. Dr. Goolsby has successfully treated thousands of patients over the years with many different types of physical conditions. He has served and will continue to serve those from infancy to the elderly, and he receives great satisfaction from this. He is excited and humbled that he is now blessed with the responsibility to care for Dr. Sherri Routledge’s former patients (as the current owner at Peak Performance Chiropractic) and all of those in the area who continue to trust him with their care.

Dr. Goolsby and his beautiful wife Alicia have four incredible children, ranging from 10 to 22 years old. He loves many sports and is passionate about playing baseball as well as coaching and developing young players, including his youngest son’s team. He is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, and exercising. He and his family are active members of Prestonwood North Church in Prosper, and he lives just a few miles from the clinic.

Dr. Goolsby’s solemn promise is to do everything in his knowledge and ability to improve the lives of the patients with whom he is entrusted. He welcomes you to find out how he and his warm and friendly staff can help you live powerfully and change your life.