There are many causes for sexual dysfunction in males including
problems with circulation, stress, and lack of nutrients. These problems can also be derivatives of an organic condition such as diabetes and kidney dysfunction. The Chinese acupuncture therapy correlates male sexual dysfunction to the displacement of vital energy.

Chinese medicine attributes male sexual disorders to heart, liver, kidney and spleen malfunctions. Acupuncture seeks to rectify the Ying and Yang energy balance thus enhacing organ function.

By restoring the balance of Ying and Yang energy, acupuncture will revitalize sexual desire and potency. Although, acupuncture can also benefit a patient with an excessive sexual desire, that hinders a healthy lifestyle. In this case, by the power to tranquilize the spirit and redirect Blood and Qi, acupuncture can help the patient to obtain sexual harmony.

Just like females, males may encounter infertility problems, possibly due physical and emotional stress, or lack of nutrients. These conditions can result in a low sperm count, poor quality or mobility of the sperm. Depending upon the patient’s symptoms, Oriental medicine will determine a pattern of disease and treat accordingly with acupuncture, nutrition, exercise and Chinese herbal formulas.

Chinese medicine attributes these problems to heart, liver, kidney
and spleen malfunctions. The internal organs may be injured or
suppressed, depleting the essence and function of Qi and Blood. The
treatment is directed toward balancing the Qi and Blood and
strengthening the body’s functional ability by tonifying or diminishing
the “fire at the gate of life”.Problems with the testicles, like pain or
distention, as well as penis hypoplasia, can also be treated
successfully with acupuncture techniques.