I’ve had back issues since I was a teenager which have been aggravated over the years by my weight. I’ve been to other chiropractors who said they could not help me. Dr. Routledge saw me at a company sponsored health fair and told me that she thought she would be able to help. I decided to try her and after my initial period of treatment I felt much better with far less pain that I had had in years. That was about 2-3 years ago. Currently I am on a maintenance program which helps me to maintain my back. I would strongly recommend her.


Hi Dr. Routledge:

Here is my news in writing, the wonderful success I’m having so far with

As you know, my chief concern is weight, and I’ve already lost 4 lbs since
starting acupuncture with you a couple weeks ago. My appetite is more under
control and I’m quite excited about the weight loss!! Thank you so much for
your help with this! I always look forward to the next treatment.

Mickey M.

Sherri loves her work and is great with her patients. I’ve seen her
very delicate and fragile with some patients and yet is rough and
aggressive with my adjustments (as desired), and it’s clear that she
knows what she’s doing. The atmosphere of the office is very communal.
She says things like “we’re all a family here” and it’s a very
inviting atmosphere. Most importantly she’s concerned about my well
being and health; she knows me and my wife by name, our jobs, hobbies,
etc. She really cares.

I just can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Routledge and her staff
at Peak Performance. I was apprehensive about going to a chiropractor, and
I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But, from the moment I walked in their
office, I have been nothing but reassured and relaxed. Everyone is so
knowledgeable, and helpful. My back and neck have never felt better! I
have seen a notable reduction in my migraine headaches, and believe me that
is saying something. I would recommend Peak Performance to anyone, they
have really taken great care of me!

D. Carpenter
Happy Patient

My husband, Joe, suffered from nerve damage to his left leg and foot.  This was due to a fall which herniated three disks in his back.  After surgery and physical therapy, he lived with numbness and pain daily for years.  He tried acupuncture as a last resort.  We are so pleased to say he has not taken any pain pills, no more nerve tingling, he is walking better(with and without his cane), sleeping better at night, and his attitude is much improved since his acupuncture treatments.  Thank you so much Dr. Routledge!!!

Joe and Cathy T.